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The Initial Assessment

The initial assessment will include a detailed history, objective assessment, goal setting, initial treatment, and home exercises. Your initial appointment will be 60 minutes.

Follow-Up Treatments

Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment sessions may include manual therapy, soft tissue release, acupuncture, dry needling, and/or a home exercise. Follow-up appointments are typically 30 minutes.

Manual Therapy 

Manual therapy (hands-on therapy) has always been a part of my practice. My years of post-graduate training in manual therapy allows me great success with my patients.

I use manual therapy techniques to diagnose and treat spinal and peripheral joint restrictions, soft tissue and nervous tissue limitations for the purpose of decreasing pain and increasing range of motion.

Some of these techniques may include joint mobilizations and manipulations, soft tissue massage and nerve mobilizations.


I started using acupuncture very early in my career and continue to use it as it allows me another tool to help get my patients better.

So what exactly is Acupuncture? It is the insertion of needles into specific points in the body. Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins (body’s own pain-relieving chemicals), decreases inflammation, increases circulation and therefore results in a decrease in overall pain. 

I will use acupuncture alone or in conjunction with other treatment techniques depending on what is appropriate for my patients.

Dry Needling

By far my most favorite treatment technique in my practice. I’ve been using Integrated Dry Needling (IDN) only for a few years but absolutely love the results I get both personally and for my patients.

IDN consists of inserting an acupuncture needle into tender (trigger) points which elicits a local twitch response.

The local twitch response decreases the activity of the nerves supplying the muscle causing muscle relaxation locally and decreases overall widespread pain and sensitivity.

Pre/Post Operative Therapy

My years of experience have allowed me great success in treating both pre & post-operative patients. Rehabilitation both before and after your surgical procedures is absolutely key to a full recovery.

I will work with you to provide an individualized treatment plan with or without a surgical protocol to promote healing and faster return to daily activities and full function.

Your treatment may include a combination of services which will be determined after an assessment has been provided

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises or planned physical movement or activities are included in your treatment plan in order to reduce the risk of injury, optimize overall wellness and enhance fitness and well-being.

Following your assessment, I will provide you with an individualized exercise program relevant to your specific limitations and restrictions.

Exercises may focus on improving pain, posture, flexibility/range of motion and strength. 

Women’s Health

As a mom of three young children, pelvic health dysfunction became very relevant to me after my first child 10 years ago. 

My practice focuses on prenatal and postpartum treatment for women with pelvic health dysfunction after babies. 

I will work with you to provide the education and treatment needed to help your body return to its full capabilities regardless of if your baby was 6 weeks ago or 10 years ago.


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